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If you don’t want to mess with the project, and you just want to install the extension, either download the release from this site, visit the extension project page here:

or just open the Extensions and Updates manager:


and search Online for “Photo Start Page”


When you find it, select “Download” and follow all of the prompts to install the extension. Once it installs, you will need to restart Visual Studio, and then go to the Tools –> Options menu and select the “Startup” configuration options.


Select the “Visual Studio 2012 Photo Start Page” from the “Customize Start Page” drop down list, select OK, and you are good to go!



Once again there seems to be an issue with the default OOTB settings. The start page is *supposed* to be configured to use the FeedBurner daily Bing image feed, but it will not work unless the “Use XML Attribute?” checkbox is checked. If you install the Start Page and see no feed image, try checking this box, and hopefully that will resolve the issue.


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